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Quinn Weaver

Managing Director

Before co-founding PGX in 2009, Quinn was a solo consultant for four years. His industry experience goes back to 1998 and includes work as a web developer, VoIP developer, and sysadmin.

    His PostgreSQL skills include:

    • Performance tuning and scaling.
    • Autovacuum (bloat and XID) troubleshooting.
    • Replication.
    • Schema design.
    • Multitenancy.
    • AWS, including RDS.
    • LDAP setup.
    • Unit testing using pgTAP.
    • Connection pooling setup; app stack connection pooling fixes.

    His other skills include:

    • Web development with JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Perl, and Catalyst.
    • Unix system administration.
    • Python tools development.

    In addition, Quinn:

    • Presents at technical conferences.
    • Contributes to PGX's open-source projects.
    • Served as President of the San Francisco Perl Users' Group from 2001 through 2008.

    Outside the office, he enjoys ballroom dancing, and acts at the Bay Area's annual Dickens Christmas Fair.