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Josh Berkus

Managing Director

Josh Berkus has been a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team since 2003 and has been working as a database consultant since 1995.

    His consulting specialties include:

    • Database design
    • Performance tuning and troubleshooting
    • Stored procedure debugging
    • Training
    • Reporting and BI
    • ETL and data cleaning
    • Database and Application design
    • Python, Perl and R database applications
    In addition to his PostgreSQL skills Josh also:
    • Manages projects
    • Advises companies on working with open source communities
    • Speaks at 6 to 12 conferences a year, worldwide
    • Is familiar with Greenplum, Vertica, Redis, SQL Server, and MySQL
    • Co-founded the San Francisco PostgreSQL User Group
    • Creates pottery and ceramic glazes
    Josh's work experience includes 8 years of independant consulting on database applications, primarily building applications for the legal and HR industries. He was also head of Sun Microsystem's PosgtreSQL support staff for 2 years and helped launch BI startup Greenplum.