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PGX, Inc. offers training on a variety of topics relating to open source technology and databases. You may choose from among our existing trainings, or have a custom training specifically developed around the needs of your staff.

Our existing trainings include:

  • Introduction to SQL and PostgreSQL
  • Introduction to PostgreSQL Administration
  • PostgreSQL Binary Replication
  • PostgreSQL and Django Application Development
  • PostgreSQL Performance Tuning
  • Technical Presenter Training (Give a Great Tech Talk)

Additionally, we can develop custom trainings around any of the following areas:

  • Migrating to PostgreSQL (from MySQL or Oracle)
  • Database Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Python Application Development
  • Perl Application Development
  • PostgreSQL administration, development, or performance
  • Hacking PostgreSQL
  • Slony-I Replication
  • Data Warehousing (Big Data)
  • Working with open source communities

Contact us and we can work together on a plan that is perfect for you.