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Our staff are PostgreSQL experts: major contributors with an average of ten years of database experience. When you sign up with us, one of our DBAs will become your CloudDBA™, whom you can rely on to learn your application and help you make it better. You also get the advantage of a staff of ten experts who can pitch in if your CloudDBA™ is away when you have an urgent issue.

We're also quite good at Python, Perl and shell, if you need it.

    Services Include

  • Maintenance and reports on health of database server
  • Maintenance of backups and replication
  • Reports on poorly performing queries
  • Maintenance of database security
  • Installation of code releases on production database servers
  • Assistance to developers in writing SQL
  • Advice to developers in database design
  • Updates and upgrades to PostgreSQL and related software
  • PGX Insights™ analysis tools

Levels of Service:

A Little Help102--
Resource205Monitoring Database Alerts
Team Member4010Monitoring Database Alerts
monthly performance reviews

Ala Carte Extra Services

  • Monitoring Setup (Nagios)
  • Monitoring Setup (Non-nagios)
  • Backup Setup (daily)
  • Backup Setup (PITR)
  • SR Replication Setup